Bugs and Bees

Play Bugs and Bees
The Bugs and Bees slot game is an animated classic game which allows users to escape into a fun filled adventure that is very upbeat and uplifting due to its feel and theme. The animated game has a fantastic level of visual and sound effects which manage to create a very cheerful game which successfully delivers an amusing and fun theme. The storyline of the Bugs and Bees game takes players down to the bottom of the garden where they are shown the flowerbeds and all the creatures that lives in there. The creatures that live in the flowerbeds in the Bugs and Bees game are shown on the screen with a fantastic level of colourful cartoon animation which gives the creatures individual personalities. The theme of the Bugs and Bees game is a very fun and cheerful one and fans of animated films like Ants and Bugs Life will love this game. If players are looking for a slot game with a more exciting action and adventure theme then the Book of Ra casino game is a great option. The game places players into the shoes of an explorer who is searching for a book with mystical power that can bring the holder wealth and fortune.

The visual and sound effects that are used to bring the Bugs and Bees games uplifting and cheerful theme to life are fantastic. The visual elements of the slot comprise of the background, title text and the symbols. The background in the Bugs and Bees game is a plain green colour which allows the other elements of the slot to stand out nicely. The green background is also very fitting as it represents the colour of the back garden and flowerbeds that the creatures live in. The symbols in the slot include the 10, J, Q, K and A which are all detailed in bright colours that look excellent on the screen. The other symbols are all different creatures that can be found living amongst the flowerbeds and are all animated in a great style and using vibrant colours. The individual symbols are all given their own characters and personalities which is a very amusing element that players will love. The title text of the Bugs and Bees game is a colourful animated font that looks excellent on the screen. The overall combination of the different visual elements of the Bugs and Bees slot game creates a very attractive game that users will really enjoy.

The sound effects that are used to present the Bugs and Bees game to players are excellent as they include uplifting and chirpy effects which create a cheerful and positive playing atmosphere. The sound effects are designed to create a very relaxing playing atmosphere which is perfect for players who may be stressed from risking large sums of money. The various winning line combinations in the Bugs and Bees slot have their own unique sound effect that is played to signify that the line has been triggered. The gamble bonus round in the slot plays a combination of short and sharp electronic tones which raise the tempo for players. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Bugs and Bees slot game create a very cheerful and uplifting environment that players will love. One of the other slot games that have an excellent level of effects is the Sharky game which creates an absorbing reality where players sail around the Caribbean Seas looking for treasure. The game play of the Bugs and Bees game is fantastic as there is a large slot format and numerous excellent bonuses. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line set up which is a very large format offering players lots of choice.

The first decision a player must make when playing the Bugs and Bees slot is how many of the twenty win lines they should have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that are active in the Bugs and Bees game means the higher a players winning chances and the higher the cost of the spin. The spin can be made cheaper in the Bugs and Bees game by lowering the amount of win lines selected. The primary aim for players is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols from the left to the right across the screen to form a winning line combination. The different symbols in the Bugs and Bees slot all result in differing payment amounts being made to the player and these can be seen in the slots pay table. The pay table accurately delivers all of the information to players in a clear and concise format that is easy for players to understand and digest. If players want to enjoy a slot game with a much lower amount of win lines then they can try the Sizzling Hot game. The Sizzling Hot game has only five win lines available to player’s which creates a much faster paced slot game.

The Bugs and Bees game has three different bonuses available to players which are the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The gamble bonus in the Bugs and Bees slot is an optional bonus which is available to players at the end of a winning spin of the reels. The gamble feature is available across the range of Novomatic casino slots and consists of a fifty / fifty bet where they can double or lost their winnings. The scatter bonus is activated if the player manages to spin in three of the musical note symbols onto the screen at one time. Three musical note symbols awards the player with ten win spins, four musical note symbols with twelve spins and five musical note symbols with fifteen win spins. If during the win spins in the Bugs and Bees game the piano bug arrives into the middle reel then the winnings are doubled. The substitute bonus in the Bugs and Bees game is represented by the bee symbol. The bee symbol has the power to switch places with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line combination. The overall combination of the three bonuses creates an excellent slot game that can be very lucrative.