Novomatic Casino

There is a fantastic large collection of Novomatic casino slot games available online which gives players the largest possible amount of choice when selecting which type of game they want to enjoy. The range of Novomatic casino games adopt many different themes in an effort to appeal to as many differing types of player interests as possible. The themes available in the range include action and adventure, fantasy, animated, history and traditional which are all tailored to target different player interests. The most famous game in the Novomatic casino slot game range is the brilliant Book of Ra casino slot game which offers players a brilliant action and adventure theme. The game places players into the shoes of an explorer who learns of the existence of a book that has mystical powers which are able to grant the holder wealth and fortune. The player in the role of the explorer embarks on an adventure to the other side of the world to delve deep into pyramids and tombs to try and find the book. The Novomatic casino game is full of danger and peril which are the exciting elements of the game that players will love.

This casino website guide offers a section where it gives players an overview and a Book of Ra explained summary to enhance their winning chances. The bonuses that are available in the Book of Ra Novomatic casino game include the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The scatter bonus works by the player spinning in three of the book symbols onto the screen at one time and being awarded with ten win spins. The scatter bonus across the range of Novomatic casino games is a very lucrative feature that will really help player’s prize fund. The next bonus that is commonly seen in the range of Novomatic casino games is the substitute bonus. The substitute bonus gives players the chance to switch a nominated symbol with a needed one to form a winning line combination. The final bonus that is available to players in the range of Novomatic casino games is the gamble feature. The gamble feature gives players the chance to double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The gamble feature is as optional bonus that is available at the end of a winning or losing spin and should only be accepted by the bravest of players.

This website guide points out the best place to play in a Book of Ra casino that offers the safest and most secure environment for players available online. The Novomatic casino that is recommended in this guide offers all of the games in the range so that players can enjoy the variety of excellent titles. The variation of the games is fantastic allowing players the chance to play a game they will really enjoy from the comfort of their own home. The Novomatic casino that is recommended in this guide offers players a very secure environment as it is fully regulated by the appropriate governing bodies. The governing bodies ensure that players are offered a fair pay out rate and chance of winning which is an excellent factor for players. The next best selling Novomatic casino game that players can try and enjoy is the brilliant Sharky game that offers players the chance to step aboard a pirate’s ship and sail the Caribbean Seas. The game is highly exciting and players will love the opportunity to cruise the seas looking for treasure. The Sharky Novomatic casino game is brought to life with a fantastic combination of excellent visual and sound effects which players will love.

The range of Novomatic casino games including the Sharky game have a fantastic collection of visual effects which brings the various themes to life. The visual elements of the various slots consist of the background, the title text and the symbols. The background of the Novomatic casino Sharky game is a deep blue colour which is designed to represent the colour of the sea. The symbols that are used in the Novomatic casino game are excellent and include themed symbols which are presented in a high level of detail and bright colours. The themed symbols when involved in forming a winning line combination perform a 3D movement that looks fantastic on the screen. One of the themed symbols in the Novomatic casino game includes a Shark swimming through the sea which is a fantastic effect which players will love. The title text in the slot game is another fantastic effect as it is presented in a blood red colour which looks excellent in an old script font. The combination of the visual effects in the Sharky game successfully delivers the games exotic theme in a very enjoyable way that players will really love.

One of the other brilliant Novomatic casino games that players can try is the excellent Sizzling Hot slot game. The Sizzling Hot game is a traditional themed Novomatic casino game which allows players to focus on the game play rather than other complicated elements like an involving storyline. The fact that the traditional themed games allow players to focus on the game play is an advantage of the slot which really helps enhance players winning chances. The traditional theme in the Novomatic casino game focuses on creating a very intense playing atmosphere which is turbo charged and burning hot. The game play in the Novomatic casino game is in keeping with the slots burning hot atmosphere as it is very fast paced and free flowing. The slot format is very small offering only five win lines to players which increase’s the speed of the slot game. There are three different bonuses available in the Novomatic casino game which includes the scatter, substitute and the gamble which are all potentially very lucrative to players. The overall conclusion of the range of slot games is excellent as they offer players a fantastic range of games and brilliant options.