Plenty on Twenty

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The Plenty on Twenty slot game has one of the highest player numbers in the whole of the Novomatic range because of its traditional theme and uplifting cheerful style of visual and sound effects. The Plenty on Twenty game also has a fantastic style of game play which has numerous excellent bonuses and a large slot format. The traditional theme in the slot does not have any complicated storyline elements for players to follow which is perfect for players wanting to focus on the game play and winning money. If players want to enjoy a game with a more complicated storyline then they should play the very exciting Book of Ra casino game. The Book of Ra game places players into the shoes of an intrepid explorer on his expedition to Egypt to try and uncover a mystical book. The Plenty on Twenty slot was once a incredibly popular land based casino game until the inception of the internet meant the game was launched onto an online platform. The internet meant that players could enjoy the Plenty on Twenty slot game from the comfort of their own home which was very popular and was a move greeted with huge success.

The traditional theme in the Plenty on Twenty game focuses around the symbols that could be found in the slot game which include the sevens and the fruits. The sevens and the fruits are all given personalized characters which is a great effect that players will really enjoy. The visual and the sound effects that are used to deliver the Plenty on Twenty slot game to players are fantastic and very cheerful. The visual effects of the slot include the background, symbols and the title text. The symbols in the Plenty on Twenty game include the cherries, oranges, melons, blackcurrants, lemons and sevens. The symbols are all presented on the screen full of colour and in very crisp and clear detail that looks fantastic on the screen. The symbols are all drawn with cartoon animated faces that adds lots of character and personality to each of the symbols. The background of the Plenty on Twenty game is a murky green screen which allows the other elements of the slot to stand out and look excellent on the screen. The next important element of the slot games appearance is the title text that’s presented to players which is a silver font that’s stands out nicely from the background.

The overall combination of the different visual elements in the Plenty on Twenty slot game combines to create a very pleasant, bright and uplifting slot game. The next important element of the slots performance is the sound effects that are played to players. The sound effects are a very clever combination of high pitched electronic tones which are designed to enhance the slots playing atmosphere. The different winning line combinations in the Plenty on Twenty game are all greeted with their own individual sound effect which is a fantastic effect players will love. The gamble bonus round in the slot if activated plays a very short and sharp collection of electronic tones which builds a very high tempo and fast atmosphere for players. The visual and sound effects when combined in the Plenty on Twenty game create an excellent overall atmosphere which is full of colour and very enjoyable. One of the other games with a similar excellent standard of visual and sound effects is the fantastic Sizzling Hot slot. The slot through the excellent effects manages to create an intense and burning hot atmosphere. The game play on offer in the Plenty on Twenty game is fantastic and players will love the large format and great bonuses.

The format of the Plenty on Twenty slot game is a five reel and twenty win line set up which is perfect for players wanting a large amount of flexibility when selecting their win lines. The more win lines that the player selects increases their winning chances and also inflates the cost of the spin. If the player wants the spin to be cheaper they should select a minimal amount of win lines. The main objective for players when they spin the reels in the Plenty on Twenty game is to line up three, four or five symbols across the win lines. The more symbols that the player manages to align increases the winning amount paid out incrementally. The pay table in the Plenty on Twenty game allows players to see which different symbols pay out differing amounts and displays this information clearly. The next important part of the Plenty on Twenty game is the bonus rounds that the player can activate these bonuses include the scatter, substitute and gamble. The substitute bonus in the game is represented by the seven symbols. The seven symbols have the power to switch place with any other symbol on the board to form a winning line combination.

The next important bonus in the Plenty on Twenty slot is the scatter bonus which is represented by the star symbol. If the player spins in three, four or five stars onto the screen then the bonus is triggered which rewards the player with a bonus payment. The Xtra Hot game has the same scatter feature that rewards players with a bonus payment if they manage to spin in star symbols to the screen. The final bonus available to players in the Plenty on Twenty game is the gamble feature which is an optional bonus available at the end of a winning spin. If the gamble feature is accepted in the Plenty on Twenty game then the player can double or lose their prize fund on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The gamble feature rewards brave players with excellent winnings and is a great feature of the game that allows players to aggressively raise their prize fund. The overall conclusion of the Plenty on Twenty slot game is that it offers players a very uplifting environment through its excellent visual and sound effects. Players can enjoy this game at the same casino with Book of Ra slot that is recommended in this website guide.