Sizzling Hot

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The Sizzling Hot slot game is one of the most successful and highly played games on the internet with a fantastic traditional theme. The traditional theme focuses on creating a burning hot playing atmosphere which is designed to raise player’s pulses through the intense and high octane environment. The traditional theme in the Sizzling Hot slot does not have a complicated storyline which allows players to fully focus on the game play. The fact players can fully focus on the game play increases their winning chances which are a good reason for players to play the slot game. If players would prefer a game with a more involving and intricate storyline they can play the Book of Ra casino game which places them on a very exciting adventure. The Sizzling Hot game was once one of the most played casino slot machines in land based casinos across the world. The inception of the internet meant that the Sizzling Hot game was placed onto an online platform where players could enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home. The traditional theme that builds a burning hot playing atmosphere is excellent and is brought to life through a combination of fantastic visual and sound effects.

The visual elements of the Sizzling Hot slot consist of the title text, symbols and the background. The background of the slot is a combination of blue and red colours which are both colours associated with heat. The two colours when combined on the screen look excellent and create a fantastic fiery background. The title text of the Sizzling Hot slot is a fiery red font that has flames erupting out of it which enhances the games theme excellently. The symbols that are in play in the Sizzling Hot slot include the cherries, watermelons, oranges, plums, stars and the seven. The symbols are all conveyed to players with bright and vibrant colours and a crystal clear level of finishing which is an effect that users will love. The symbols when involved in forming a winning line combination burst into flames building on the games theme excellently. The overall fusion of the different visual elements in the Sizzling Hot game combines masterfully well to create a very intense and hot playing atmosphere. The Xtra Hot slot game uses a similar style of visual effects to create an intense and burning hot image for players to appreciate.

The sound effects that are used in the Sizzling Hot slot include a very clever combination of electronic tones which manage to build on the slots intensity levels. The background sounds are a very short and sharp combination of electronic tones which manage to raise the slots tempo and therefore player’s excitement levels. The various winning line combinations in the Sizzling Hot slot all reward players with a unique sound effect which adds lots of value to the slots performance. The combination of the sound and visual effects manage to create an intense and turbo charged playing environment that players will love. The Power Stars game uses a very similar combination of visual and sound effects to create a space themed slot which includes elements like the sun. The sun is a very hot object and therefore the slot game needs to recreate this and build a very hot and intense playing atmosphere. The game play on offer in the Sizzling Hot slot is excellent and players will love the small format and quick fire bonus rounds. The format of the Sizzling Hot slot is a five reel and five win line set up which is perfect for players wanting a fast paced and free flowing game.

The first decision a player must make when they play the Sizzling Hot game is how many of the five win lines to have active when they spin the reels. The more win lines that are active increase the cost of the spin and the players winning chances. The less win lines that are selected means the cost of the spin decreases and the players winning chances also decrease. The first and primary aim for players in the Sizzling Hot slot is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across one of the active win lines. The more symbols that the player manages to align incrementally increases the winning amount that is paid to them. The various symbols in the Sizzling Hot slot all reward players with different winning amounts and these can be seen in the slot pay table. The Sizzling Hot slot has three different bonuses available to them these include the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The star symbol represents the scatter bonus and the player needs to spin in three of these symbols onto the screen at one time to activate the feature. The scatter bonus when activated rewards the player with a prize payment and this increases the more stars appear on the screen.

The second bonus available to players in the Sizzling Hot slot is the substitute bonus which is represented by the star symbol. The star symbol has the power to switch places with any other symbol on the board which increases players winning chances dramatically. The gamble feature in the Sizzling Hot slot is an optional bonus which is available at the end of a winning spin of the reels. If the player accepts the gamble bonus they are taken to a new screen and given a chance fifty / fifty bet. The fifty / fifty bet can reward the player by either doubling or losing their entire prize fund which is an excellent way for lucky players to inflate their winnings. The overall combination of the three bonus features in the Sizzling Hot slot create a very fast flowing game where excellent winnings can be made by wise players. The overall conclusion of the Sizzling Hot game is that it offers players an excellent playing session with a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The game can be enjoyed at the Novomatic casino that is recommended in this website guide, the casino is fully regulated offering players a safe and secure playing environment.